Overview of Life Groups at Grace Hills Church

At Grace Hills Church, our sermon based Life Groups velcro our church to the Bible and each other – they’re central to everything we do here!

Resuming the week of September 25th, our fall life groups meet throughout the week, Monday – Thursday in homes and at Grace Hills Church, enjoying fellowship, sermon-based studies and special times of prayer. If you’re not in a life group, registration for our fall life groups is going on now and continues into October. Our life groups are always open to new members! Visit our life groups registration table or call the church office to find a group that will fit your schedule and discover why life is better together.

Why Life Groups?

You build relationships which can only take place in a small group setting. Being sermon-based, our lessons are prepared in a way that is comfortable for the young believer or the person who has been studying God’s Word for 30 years.  Receiving prayer for specific needs and concerns in your life is an amazing blessing of the life group experience.

Simply put, it is good accountability in our Christian walk to be in a life group.

There are more good reasons to join a life group than the ones listed above, but these are important points to consider before making your decision.


Fall Life Groups:

Current Sermon Series:  Gospel of Luke

Life Group Fall Quarter Beginning:  Sunday,  September 25th


When Life Groups Meet:  


10:30am – Leader: Mike Johnson (mixed – Library)



7:00pm – Leader: Cynthia May (women’s – Chapel)

7:00pm – Leader: Mike Johnson (mixed – off campus)



10:30am – Leader: Mike Johnson (seniors – Chapel)

6:30pm – Leader:  John Aldridge (mixed – Fellowship Center)

6:30pm – Leader: Steve Johnson (mixed – Library)

6:30pm – Leader: Bill March (mixed – Room 203)



3:00pm – Leader: Jim Matson (mixed – off campus)

6:30pm – Leader:  Mark Johnson (young adults – off campus)

7:00pm – Leader:  Warren Williams (mixed – Room 203)


If you have any questions about our life group ministry, please contact Mike Johnson at [email protected]


Life Group Leader Sign-in HERE:

Jim and Ruth MatsonSIGN IN
Young Adults – SIGN IN
Steve Johnson – SIGN IN
Mark Johnson – SIGN IN
Mike Johnson Monday – SIGN IN

Mike Johnson Tuesday – SIGN IN
Mike Johnson Wednesday – SIGN IN
Patsy Morris – SIGN IN
Warren Williams – SIGN IN
Cynthia May – SIGN IN
John Aldridge – SIGN IN

Bill March – SIGN IN