Sunday School provides structure in teaching God Word
A systematic teaching of the Bible needs to happen at all age levels.
Children, youth and adults need to be given opportunities to discover, review, and interact
as they study God’s Word.

Sunday School targets Bible teaching to specific age groups
It means an energetic four-year old can learn biblical truth by acting out a Bible story, coloring
a page or singing a worship song.
It means students gain a clear and deeper understanding of the Bible. This is accomplished by teaching the students how to read and study the Word of God. Youth group students are given a strong foundation built on sound biblical instruction.
During the same time, adults can be studying a section of the Bible, relating the study to their life
experiences and struggles, while learning from others in the class.

Sunday School provides opportunities for prayer and relationships
Since Sunday school classes are usually small (less than 25 people), it is a safe environment for real conversation about the Bible. By engaging in conversation with others, listening to their questions and hearing the answers, people soon learn they are not alone in their efforts to understand the Word and live out their faith.

Sunday School leads the church in prayer and relationships
In preschool, children, youth and adult classes, prayer can be personal and targeted to needs of the class members. It gives opportunities to respond to specific needs, informal conversations flow easily in Sunday School classes where care is expressed and relationships can grow.

Friendship Class-Seniors 9:15am (chapel) 1st & 2nd Peter
Adult Bible Study 11am Room 2 (ministry center) 1 Samuel
Adult Bible Study 11am Room 3 (ministry center) Book of Romans
Youth (Junior and Senior High) 11am the Youth Center (back of parking lot)
Children 9:15 and 11am Room 104 (children’s center)
Preschool 9:15 and 11am Room 102-103 (children’s center)
Nursery 9:15 and 11am Room 101 (children’s center)

Kid’s Ministry 6:30pm
Youth Ministry 6:30pm

Teacher Sign-in:
Michael Borg-Wednesdays- Sign in
Michael Borg-Sundays-Sign in
Etta Sajdowitz-Wednesdays-Sign in
Etta Sajdowitz-Sundays-Sign in
Warren Williams-Sign in
John Aldridge-Sign in
Steve Johnson-Sign in