Most of us want to find out how we can get more money, but a better question is how can we be wise with the money we have? We can’t always control how much money is coming in, but we can say a lot about how the money is going out. More than anything, we want to experience financial freedom doing it God’s way.

On this page, we have links to information and resources that give practical insights on attitudes toward and actions to take with your financial resources. When we put God first in our lives (Matthew 6:33), we know that God will provide for our needs. We invite you to explore the information and resources and see how the principles might apply in your life. There are worksheets you can print out to help you understand how your money is being spent and for setting financial goals for you and your family. There are other resources we can direct you to as well, contact us if you would like additional resources.

Financial Tools

10 Steps to Financial Freedom
God and Giving
Personal Financial Goals
Personal Financial Profile
Plans and Goals
Ways to Give at Grace Hills Church
Have a Regular Giving Plan
Living is Giving