Personal Time with God-Week of 11/20-26    Habakkuk 3

Setting aside personal time with God grows your relationship with Him.  Read a chapter a day, answer questions, and have a meaningful prayer time.  Matthew 6:7-13 teaches us how to P.R.A.Y. (Praise, Request God’s will to be done and kingdom to come, Ask for physical and spiritual needs, Yield to God to resist sin.  Prayer is “intimacy with God that leads to the fulfillment of His purposes.”

Monday: Read Habakkuk 3:1-3

  1. In Habakkuk’s conversation with God, he had two complaints. How does Habakkuk respond to the LORD now?
  2. What does Habakkuk request from God in regards to God’s wrath? (vs. 2)
  3. How is Habakkuk’s response like Psalm 77:4-14? How does the Psalmist show what it means to “live by faith”?
  4. Missionary of the week: Pray for Tim and Patty Long as they train pastors at the seminary, support the planting of new churches, and teach at a special needs school in Mexico.

Tuesday: Read Habakkuk 3:4-7

  1. Here, and in the following verses, Habakkuk appeals to the power of God working in history for his chosen people. How is God’s power stronger than the power of the Babylonians?
  2. Our culture often doesn’t want to look to the past for what is happening in the present. Habakkuk does.  How is looking to God’s prior actions part of “living by faith”?
  3. If you are going through a difficult trial, how has God worked previously in your life that can be a faith builder for you?
  4. Pray for people in your Oikos or in your “5 for 5”.

Wednesday: Read Habakkuk 3:8-11

  1. Earlier in the book the Babylonian army is vast, exhibiting strength in numbers. But the LORD is an army of one here, and far more powerful.  What metaphors are used to portray Yahweh as a mighty warrior?
  2. What do you think of God being portrayed as a mighty warrior? Is that a comfort to you, or does it make you fearful? Why?
  3. How does God’s creation respond to him?
  4. Pray for people where they work and live that they would honor God in all they do.

Thursday: Read Habakkuk 3:12-16

  1. What causes the LORD to bring judgment to the nations? (See also Rev. 19:1-2; 11-16)
  2. The kings and armies of Babylon went to destroy and conquer other peoples for their own power and greed. God not only conquers evil, but what else does he do? (vs. 13)  How is the mighty warrior God, different from the warriors of Babylon?
  3. How does Habakkuk respond to this awesome vision God has revealed to him? (vs. 16) How does it make you feel that sometimes we have to wait quietly, and endure evil, while waiting for God to act?  What should encourage us?
  4. Pray for government leaders locally and globally.

Friday: Read Habakkuk 3:17-19

  1. What does Habakkuk confess regarding the moral state of his people? (vs. 17)
  2. Despite the evil in Habakkuk’s nation of Israel, and the evil that was to be done to them by the Babylonians, what makes Habakkuk “happy”? (vs. 18)
  3. How does God provide for Habakkuk in the time of trouble? (vs. 19)
  4. Pray for family and friends.

Saturday and Sunday:

Review some of the chapters (Book) from this past week. Pray for those serving Christ faithfully and pray for the services on Sunday. Pray the prayer of Ephesians 1:15-20.